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1:1 mixed modalities deep chakra healing


"Chakras are our energy map of the body"

Breathwork + Sound healing + Universal healing

Our chakras are our seven energetic centres in the body & they run along our spine. Each of of our chakras are related to our major organs & to different aspect of our lives. The bottom three chakras (root, sacral & solar plexus) hold some of the most important physical systems of the body such as digestive, urinal & nervous system. The next two (heart & throat) are responsible for communication & feelings & the final two (third eye & crown) are responsible for the higher connection to being/ source. It is believed that each chakra has its own colour & energy which have different effects on us humans if they are blocked or balanced. 

I like to think of our chakras & their energy as a waterfall & it's flow of water. Throughout our day & life we have different pebbles & rocks (trauma/events etc) that fall into the flow of energy. This then creates blockages & we are only receiving a small percentage of the flow of energy. Healing allows the chakras to be shaken & the blocks removed, creating a beautiful flow of energy once again. 

Within this session you will experience breathwork, sound healing & universal healing. If you feel stuck or stagnant in your life or want to create a deeper connection to yourself & source, this healing is perfect for you. If you know you want some type of healing but you're not sure what type I would also recommend this healing offering. 

1:1 Sound healing

"The vibrations work by 'massaging' every cell in the body," - Unknown


Sound healing is the modality of using instruments & voice to use tonal frequencies to bring the body into a state of vibrational balance & harmony. Everything, including ourselves have a vibrational frequency. So it makes sense that we can use sound frequencies to change our mood, balance emotions & to free our body of energetic blocks. 

Within the centre & Clarity sound healing I use crystal bowls & tuning forks which are the same frequency of each of our seven chakras. I play these bowls & forks to relax my client’s mind & allow them to drop into relaxed brain wave states but also to remove energetic blocks & realign their chakras. I will also use a weighted tuning fork physically on the body to unblock a client's energy centres.  I use gongs, drums & Tibetan singing bowls to help release tension in the body & stimulate the glandular & nervous system. I also use a range of chimes to relax the brain & body of a client. 

The healing practice of sound healing assists in creating shifts in our brainwave state by using entrainment. Entrainment synchronises our changing brainwaves by providing a stable frequency which the brainwave can align with. When a healer uses rhythm & frequency they can assist their client to drop out of beta state (normal waking consciousness) to alpha (relaxed consciousness), & it is even possible for clients to drop into theta (meditative state) & delta (sleep; which is the brain state where most intense healing can occur). 

Sound healing is such a beautiful & powerful healing practice! My clients each have such unique & individual responses to sound healing that are relevant to how they are feeling & the type of healing that they need in that moment. 

Quick fix - 30 minute sound healing via zoom

A 30 minute sound healing via zoom for a deep relaxation or if you feel like you need a somatic release 

1:1 Universal healing 


" The practice of channeling universal healing energy to remove energetic blocks & pain from an individual"

Universal healing is very similar to reiki & is the practice of channeling the divine universal healing energy to then transfer into a client. A practitioner of universal healing would have had to undergo studies of the subtle bodies & energy centres & also received an attunement from a master in Universal healing.


An A Touch of Clarity Universal healing session will involve you laying down on the healing bed (which has been charged with intention & crystals) whilst listening to relaxing spiritual music & Shelby will guide you through a range of breathing techniques to relax your body & allow your mind to drop into deeper brainwave states. Then Shelby will channel the universal healing energy & through the palms of her hands she will transfer that energy into your body via your energy centres. Certain areas of the body will receive a hands on approach whilst others can be transferred without touch.


Most clients receive the energy via heat from Shelby's palm & whilst the healing is occurring they will experience visions, see symbols or light, some have an out of body experience, others will have guides visit them, spiritual awakenings & so much more. Within this session you will receive the healing you need at that time. This type of energy channel will help your chakras & energy centres to release old patterns, suppressed emotions, trauma, blockages, physical pain & whatever else needs to be release for your highest good. 


1:1 Crystal healing

"Surrender & allow the crystals to work their magic!"

IMG_0189 2.PNG

A Crystal healing session involves the client listening to relaxing music whilst having a range of crystals places on & around their body. Depending on the client's healing needs Shelby will usually place chakra related crystals on the client's body & then create a crystal grid on & around the client.  Each crystal has their own properties & vibration that can support the client's healing process. The crystals will interact with the client's energy field & by transferring vibration & it's energy,  it can absorb, unblock & shift stagnant energy in the client's body. 

Crystal healing is said to aid in healing 

  • Anxiety & depression

  • Assist in spiritual awakening

  • Aid in connect client's to their guides

  • Heavy emotions

  • Moving stagnant or suppressed emotions

  • Back pain

  • Brain fog & aid in concentration

  • Circulation & cardiovascular conditions

  • Increase focus & problem solving

  • Boost confidence & self-esteem

  • Constipation

  • Depression

  • Digestive & gastrointestinal issues

  • Increase energy

  • Headaches & migraines

  • Immunity issues

  • Insomnia & sleep issues

  • Irritability

  • Increase memory & cognitive function

  • promote motivation

  • Physical pain

  • Stress & tension

  • + so much more!


1:1 Breathwork session 

“When we work with our breath, we are working with the subconscious nervous system to break through old patterns, elevate our health & exit the matrix of suffering” - Ava Johanna


Through my extensive studies, I have learnt that a lot of our trauma & imprinting lives in our body, not just in our cognitive mind. In order to release such energetic blocks, we need to physically move it through the body. Breathwork has been the most powerful practice for my own healing which lead me to become a certified breathwork teacher.


Breathing is controlled by our autonomic nervous system (involuntary nervous system) which also controls heart rate, blood pressure, digestion & sexual arousal. The autonomic nervous system can be split into two divisions - sympathetic response & the parasympathetic response. When 0ur sympathetic response is activated, the autonomic nervous system floods the body with stress hormones as response to that perceived threat. Our fight or flight used to be so important as it would help protect against real life threats, for example a tiger but now our threat is an email or text.


Our brain doesn't know the difference between a tiger & a text!

Constantly being in our sympathetic response & chronic stress can cause a range of health, emotional & mental issues, including dis-ease in the body. We are supposed to be in this heightened state for 20-30 minutes at a time to deal with a perceived threat but the impact of constant cortisol & adrenaline in the body is similar to acid pumping around our body! Dropping into our parasympathetic response is like flowing alkaline (opposite of acid) through our body!

The purpose of breathwork is to manipulate the breath & allow our body to active it's parasympathetic (rest & digest) state which is vital for our health & wellbeing. The word pranayama (breathwork) translated from sanskrit means "extension of life force" meaning that when we breathe this way we are flowing life force energy through our body!


The support for breathwork from a science & holistic perspective is continuously growing!  To name a few, breathwork can assist in reducing stress/anxiety, creates feelings of connectivity to self & the universe, opens up ones heart, increases clarity, aids in communication, increases sleep & promotes spiritual awakenings. Breathwork is one of the most powerful practices for releasing suppressed emotions or memories & can also help to release trauma as well as fear, grief, & anger + so much more!

Quick fix - 30 minute zoom breathwork session

A 30 minute breathwork session via Zoom for a deep somatic release 

1:1 Inner child session

"We are all basically walking around & functioning as adult six year olds!"


Inner child refers to the young version of yourself that lives within your subconscious as an adult. Throughout our childhood we store particular emotional experiences & use them as a lens in which we process & filter information during our adult life. From birth to roughly the age of 7 (14 if we want to be generous) we experience an altered state of consciousness, meaning we have an egocentric point of view. This refers to us, as a child internalising our experiences to self. For example; if a child is told to be quiet & not speak, they may internalise that as they have nothing valuable to express & that they are worthless. As an adult this could show up & be reinforced by not speaking up & becoming a people pleaser. We can have a range of inner child wounds relating to a range of different aspects in our adult life. Our inner child wounds often become a habitual reaction, meaning we often aren’t consciously acting that way, it becomes an automated response to a trigger. It’s so important to create a relationship with your inner child & connect with your authentic self!

You could have had the picture perfect childhood & still experience trauma which can develop into wounds. I want to first acknowledge that your parents did the best that they could with the tools & experiences they had at the time. Our heaviest wounds are transported by the inner child. These wounds create tensions, blockages, or contractions within our hearts, minds, & bodies. 

When we’re contracted, we become trapped in a tightly-bound separate self, also known as our ego. inner child wounds can develop from something as simple as you being told to be quiet & you internalise that as not being worthy of having a voice, which may lead to people pleasing in your adult life. Inner child work isn’t about blaming your parents/caregivers or releasing 25+ years of anger onto them. Inner child work is about connecting with the child that is deep inside of you.


Inner child work refers to connecting to your younger self & processing the trauma or wounds that younger you may not have had the ability or space to process. Each of us have a younger self inside of us & our inner child wounds may show up when we are reactive instead of responsive to a situation.

This offering is for 3 X 1.5 hour sessions. Please note that inner child work can be a slow process as it is very deep work. This offering may just be the start of your inner child healing journey. 

1:1 Spiritual guidance session 


"Since creating a relationship with my guides I never feel alone"

Within this session we dive deep into your spiritual practice & needs. For example creating a spiritual sign, learning how to connect & communicate with your guides, learning how to use a pendulum, learning how to use & connect with crystals, how to cleanse crystals, how to protect your energy, how to cleanse yourself from negative energy, how to work with the lunar cycle & Mama moon, connecting with your soul, daily practice to lift your vibration + so much more!

This session is perfect for you if you feel you have lost the connection to yourself or if you are craving a deeper connection to the universe & spirit. This type of session is also beautiful for someone who has started their spiritual journey & is craving a mentor or support.

1:1 intuition strengthening session

"Learning how to listen to the subtle messages from my body has completely changed my relationship with myself & how I navigate the world!"


Within this 2 hour session we will dive deep into what your intuition is, how to connected with your intuition & how to create an ongoing intuition practice!

I share with you my favourite intuition hacks & together we will create a routine for you to consciously connect in with yourself & your inner knowing!

Within this session certain things we may cover, but not limited to:

- What is intuition & how can you strengthen it
- Using meditation to strengthen your connection

- Learning how to use the breath to help you navigate your intuition

- Somatic release to remove blockages in your intuition & create space for your inner knowing to be heard

- Learning how to interpret the subtle messages from your body

- How to understand the difference between expansion & contraction

- Trusting the message & yourself

- Self worth

- Daily practice of connecting within

- Pleasure practices to connect with yourself 

- Journal prompts

- Which crystals to use for support

- + So much more!

1:1 Manifestation session

"You really are the creator of your reality!"

IMG_9893 2.jpg

Manifestation is the process of co-creating with the universe & is one of favourite topics! I have manifested things from a cup of coffee all the way to my own wellness centre!


I love that this session can be so different with each client, depending on their intention & needs.

Within this two hour session aspects we may cover will be:

- I will teach you what manifestation is

- My favourite ways to manifest

- How to overcome your blockages/limiting beliefs

- We will journal

- Do somatic practices to release stagnant energy & create space for your desires

- I will teach you how to use your breath to call in all that you desire,

- We will become really clear on your intention,

- We will create an action plan for you 

- Connect with your guides

- Drop into your body through somatic dance

- Universal healing to open up your energy centres

- + so much more!

This session is perfect for you if you are being drawn to work with the power of conscious manifestation or have a deep calling to manifest something but you are feeling stuck, blocked or unmotivated. Within this session it is best to focus on one particular manifestation at a time. If you have multiple I would recommend booking in for a couple of sessions.

1:1 session focused on masculine & feminine energies

Masculine & feminine energies live within all of us (regardless of our gender) & usually an individual will have a core energy which is their dominant functioning energy.


Within our day we can easily switch between each energy without consciously being aware of it. Within each of the energies they have divine & wounded aspects to them which we can act from.

To make an easy distinction I like to think of the masculine energy as the CEO of the company & the feminine energy as the nurturing medicine woman. The masculine is very in the head/mind & the feminine is in her body.

To dive a little deeper, the masculine energy is a strong & action driven energy. You can think of the masculine energy as strong but with soft edges. The divine masculine can be that authoritative, takes control type of energy but they are also in touch with their feelings & have a very grounding energy. My favourite aspect of the masculine is that they can hold space & support the feminine energy without trying to control her or keep her small. The masculine is rooted in logic, structure, doing, confidence, passion & purpose & leadership. The masculine energy acts mostly from the left side of the brain.

The feminine energy is the opposite of that. She is the medicine woman who is in flow, she’s the wise woman who has intuitive downloads, she’s usually very spiritual & nurturing. The feminine energy is rooted in being not doing, connection energy, feeling, receiving, creating, flexible, the receiving energy, love & connection is her core value, receive & rest, receptive, patient, the feminine honours emotions & in touch with her feelings, expressive & has healthy Boundaries. The feminine energy acts mostly from the right side of the brain. 


As I mentioned both energies has wounded aspect to them. The wounded aspects of the masculine energy can be: ego-centric, arrogant, hot headed, aggressive, money driven, competitive, feels the constant need to be the best & to prove self, greedy, emotionally unavailable or closed off, impatient & reckless.

The wounded aspects of the feminine can be: jealousy, neediness, indecisive, does not celebrate others, dramatic, searches for chaos seeks validation, waiting to be saved, judgemental, passive aggressive, has zero boundaries, victim mentality & overly critical.

Working with the divine aspects of each other energies can be so empowering & it can be so beautiful to consciously tap into the different energies for different tasks. 


Within this session we will dive deeper into the specific aspects of each of these energies & depending on the clients needs or if they are more in one of their energies & not the other we will focus on that energy. For example if someone identifies as being in their wounded masculine we will focus on bringing them back into divine alignment with the masculine energy & also connect in with their feminine energy more. I will help guided you through journal prompts, breathwork, visualisation, somatic activities + so much more



1:1 guidance on how to meditate 

"We make the conscious effort to clean our teeth each and everyday, but we often forget to clean our mind"


I used to feel as if my mind had 100 tabs still open & I had no way of closing them! Meditation honestly changed my life. It not only changed the relationship I have with myself & the universe but it also completely changed my outlook on life! Meditation has had so many benefits for me personally, I would fill up this whole page! I often have people coming to me saying they have always wanted to create a meditation practice but they are not good at it or they don't have the time for it. Those are the people that need this magic the most!

"They call it a meditation practice for a reason! It takes time & practice!"

We are literally telling our brain to not do the one thing it was designed to do & that is think! We would never tell our lungs to stop breathing for us! Of course it is going to be a challenge to start with. I still have days where I struggle to click the turn off switch & stop the intrusive thoughts. There is no such thing as a "good or bad" meditation practice. It is always perfect to what we are feeling & needing in the moment. 

Within this session I share the science behind meditation & why it has such a beautiful impact on our wellbeing. We also learn how to meditate & what to do when those thoughts creep in during your session (because they will), how to create a regular meditation session that works, we cover a range of different meditations so you can find one that works for you & I will take you through a meditation session + so much more!

This session is perfect for you if you are wanting to learn how to meditate, add to your current meditation or gain some extra support. 

Partner sessions

"There is nothing more sacred or intimate than connecting to each other on a soul level"


Couple session for friends, family or partners to come together & receive a healing together. I believe this is one of the most sacred acts you can do with a loved one. Within this session you & your loved one will each lie down on a healing bed with crystals & share a deep healing together. We offer three options for our partner sessions. 1 hour of sound healing, 1 hour of universal healing, or 1.5 hours of a mixed modality of each. If you need more information on what exactly those types of healings are please scroll back up & find their explanation.

This session can be beautiful if you want to experience an intimate experience with a loved one, can be beautiful as a connection activity or we can focus the session around your specific intention. For example I have friends come to me for a healing after a falling our, couples come before their wedding to connect or family members come to create a sense of safety & connection (plus lots of other reasons)