1:1 Voxer support

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This offer is like nothing I have created before!


  • Do you feel like you need flexible support?

  • Are you a Mum that doesn’t seem to have any time for herself?

  • Do you not have time to commit to regular office hour healing sessions?

  • Do you want someone to keep you accountable for your spiritual & wellness practices?

  • Do you want to continue support outside or after your sessions have finished?

  • Are you a student who feels constantly in a state of stress?

  • Do you feel like you loved ones don’t have the capacity to hold space or support you the way you desire?

  • Do you have the desire to create healthy habits & routines but don’t know where to start?


  • I have created an offer (with 3 different levels) which will allow you to have instant access to me & support whenever you need. Signing up to this bundle will give you access to me (mon-fri) via Voxer which is a voice memo app. You will be able to seek instant support, clarification or accountability each day of the working week.


  • This offer will help you to connect in with yourself on a deeper level, it will also you to have flexible support on the go & during a timeframe that suits you & it will allow you to have more quality time with loved ones & do the things you want to be doing.


  • It’s time for you to invest in yourself, as well as honour your emotions & feelings when they come up for you


  • Select which time frame & option is best for you, download the app & lets getting chatting!

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Limited spots available so sign up now!

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Terms, conditions & additional information

  • Offering is charged on a monthly basis

  • Client must sign up for monthly packages

  • Can cancel anytime via email atouchofclarity11@gmail,com (Client must give 1 month’s notice. 1 more payment will be made after cancellation notification is provided)

  • The timeframe outlined includes the clients voice notes/messages & Shelby’s reply

  • Timeframe = Total time interacting & will be capped when time limit is reached

  • Clients can continue to send messages, but Shelby will respond during the following week when timeframe has reset

  • If timeframes are continuously being overused an upgrade option will be required

  • Access is Monday-Friday, however clients can message over the weekend. Shelby is not guaranteed to reply & will reply until the following Monday

  • Voice notes/ messages are for the private us of the paying client & are not to be shared with anyone outside of the Voxer offering

  • All interactions need to be conducted through Voxer & not other platforms eg; Instagram

  • A touch of Clarity sessions/Voxer notes are sent with the upmost holistic intention. You must not rely on the information from your session as an alternative to medical advice. If you have any specific questions about any medical matter you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. By taking part in a session you understand that The information is not advice, and should not be treated as such

  • By purchasing this offering you agree that A Touch of Clarity takes no responsibility for any unforeseen health issues or incidents that may occur during & after your session (mobile voice notes). You understand and take full responsibility for your health and wellbeing and enter the session at your own discretion.

  • Terms & conditions are subjected to change