About Shakti Mat

Shakti mat is my new favourite brand and it has absolutely saved me during isolation! The Shakti mat is based on the ancient Indian bed of nails theory which has been used for 5000 years. This mat is like a modern acupressure practice from the comfort of your home! 

This is so convenient and needed in our busy modern world when we don't have the time to pop to the physio or to get acupuncture.  My body and mind absolutely loves my new routine of spending twenty minutes on my mat daily. It is such a sacred act where I can connect to my body.


Shakti mat is a vital and must have wellness and healing tool that I can't recommend enough! The most commonly experienced effects of shakti mat use are;  deeper sleep, healthy circulation, muscle recovery, relief from pain or discomfort, relaxation, clear thoughts and general vitality.

Production lies in the holy city of Varanasi. In the rural outskirts of the city or when busy Shakti also employs a family business in Delhi, India. 


The word ‘Shakti’ in Sanskrit is a feminine principle, and symbolises empowerment, abundance and change. This principle is one of the main reasons I love this brand so much. Not only do they care for the environment with their organically certified cotton and dyes but they are also crafted ethically and provide rights and a range of opportunity for women. 

Shakti Mats are handmade by 72 women in an all-female purpose-built workshop. All of the women are paid a living wage, work relaxed hours, are provided daily meals and puja, free medical care, an emergency medical fund for them and their families, and paid sick leave and holiday leave.


I honestly didn't think Shakti could get anymore of a beautiful brand but then I found out they fund private schooling for 8 daughters of their employees and are aiming to increase that number in the near future. 

And just to make you love them even more 10% of Shakti mat profits are donated directly to charity!

- 75,807 children dewormed, predominantly in India, to support nutrition, energy and health through 'Deworm the World'


- 4,985 trees saved in endangered forests, through 'Cool Earth'


- 3,282 long-lasting treated mosquito nets provided to reduce the impact of malaria in developing countries through 'Against Malaria'


- 9,848 Vitamin A drops distributed for supplementation, to reduce malnutrition and blindness through Helen Keller International


- 5,000 trees planted in Kenya


- 2,200 trees planted in the Himalayas

- 8 scholarships to send the daughters of Shakti's craftswomen to a high quality private school.

- 140 children from Varanasi’s slums funded to extend their education program (until the age of 14) at the charity school 'Learn for Life'.


- 100 children supported through hiring an additional space to begin an early childhood centre through the charity school 'Seed for Change'.



Products in order of intensity:

The Shakti Light (Yellow) has 8,000 spikes and is recommended for those who are elderly, have fragile skin, are sensitive to pain, or those with a medical condition making them more hypersensitive to pain e.g. Fibromyalgia.

The Shakti Original (Orange, Black, or Green) has 6,000 spikes and is the Mat we recommend to 90% of people. If you don't meet the description of the Light or Advanced Mats, then this is a great place to start!

The Shakti Advanced (Indigo) is a step up for all the Shakti veterans out there looking to intensify their Shakti experience. The Advanced has the least number of spikes (only 4,000). Try the Advanced Mat if you have a strong pain threshold, enjoy deep tissue massages, or have been using the Original Mat for 6 months or more.



I am obsessed with this beautiful brand. I love this product and how it makes me feel but I also love the message behind it and all of the values it supports. Shakti mat was generous enough to provide Clarity Community with a discount code!


All of the photos and information has been adapted from  Shakti mat website and instagram. For more information or to purchase your mat head to the below links and don't forget to use "ATOUCHOFCLARITY10' to save some pennies