1:1 breathwork session 60 mins

  • 1 hour
  • 110 Australian dollars
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Service Description

“When we work with our breath, we are working with the subconscious nervous system to break through last patterns, elevate our health & exit the matrix of suffering” - Ava Johanna Through my extensive studies, I have learnt that a lot of our trauma & imprinting lives in our body, not just in our cognitive mind. In order to release such energetic blocks, we need to physically move it through the body. Breathwork has been the most powerful practice for my own healing which lead me to become a certified breathwork teacher. Breathing is controlled by our autonomic nervous system (involuntary nervous system) which also controls heart rate, blood pressure, digestion & sexual arousal. The autonomic nervous system can be split into two divisions - sympathetic response & the parasympathetic response. When 0ur sympathetic response is activated, the autonomic nervous system floods the body with stress hormones as response to that perceived threat. Our fight or flight used to be so important as it would help protect against real life threats, for example a tiger but now our threat is an email or text. Our brain doesn't know the difference between a tiger & a text! Constantly being in our sympathetic response & chronic stress can cause a range of health, emotional & mental issues, including dis-ease in the body. We are supposed to be in this heightened state for 20-30 minutes at a time to deal with a perceived threat but the impact of constant cortisol & adrenaline in the body is similar to acid pumping around our body! Dropping into our parasympathetic response is like flowing alkaline (opposite of acid) through our body! ​The purpose of breathwork is to manipulate the breath & allow our body to active it's parasympathetic (rest & digest) state which is vital for our health & wellbeing. The word pranayama (breathwork) translated from sanskrit means "extension of life force" meaning that when we breathe this way we are flowing life force energy through our body! The support for breathwork from a science & holistic perspective is continuously growing!  To name a few, breathwork can assist in reducing stress/anxiety, creates feelings of connectivity to self & the universe, opens up ones heart, increases clarity, aids in communication, increases sleep & promotes spiritual awakenings. Breathwork is one of the most powerful practices for releasing suppressed emotions or memories & can also help to release trauma as well as fear, grief, & anger + so much more

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