Stillness for the soul

That funk

Let's talk about the funk. You know that mood where you are feeling grumpy and irritable and you're not sure why.

Well, that’s me today.


I have a million and one things on my to-do list and yet I want to do nothing apart from lounge around and feel sorry for myself. On days like this when my favourite barista coffee isn't even hitting the spot or making a dent in this funky mood, I know I have to pull out the big guns and shift this stagnant energy myself.

When I am feeling like this I usually hold the negative energy in my root chakra AKA base of the spine. Usually, when I am high vibe I can feel the glowing energy flowing through each of my chakras not laying dormant in one area.


My favourite activities to shift my grumpy or off mood is:

Dancing. I put on my favourite tune to get out of my mind and into my body and just flow into the moves, feeling the beat. Sometimes I can take a few attempts to find the right song. Some days I need light music which helps my hips to sway, other days I need loud and heavy music where I can jump up and down and swing my arms around to shake off the mood. You will find what works for you.


Journaling. Free-flow writing helps me to find the root of my negative emotions. I take myself to a sacred place. For me, that’s outside connecting to Mama earth or in my bedroom where my altar is. Find a quiet and undisturbed place and just write. Don’t get too in your head about this one. There is no wrong or right. Let any emotion, event or feeling flow out of you and onto the pages. This can take time so don't rush things but usually, by the end of my writing I have connected within and figured out the cause of my negative mood. Other times I don’t figure it out, but I always feel like a weight has been lifted by putting thought to paper. It is no longer gnawing in my mind but it has been acknowledged and no longer has control over me.


Sitting in nature with no intention. This is a goodie! I love this one when I am so far into my mood that I don’t want to even do one of the activities I know will make me feel better! Sometime I will make a cup of tea, get something snuggly on (aka PJs and fluffy socks) and I will just sit somewhere in nature, usually in my garden and breathe. I live opposite a beautiful reserve where people walk their doggos so other times I will sit and people watch. It’s the most beautiful thing.


Gratitude practice. This is such an unbelievably effective way to shift your energy to high vibrational. You can either write them down or just say out loud. Consider things in your life that you are grateful for or ways that you are fortunate. Say as many as you can think of or until your mood lightens.


Meditation. I use the amazing app "Insight Timer" for guided meditations or meditation music. This app would be amazing if you are just starting a meditation practice. For me when I am in these moods I like to find a meditation that either focuses on the breath or body scans as they are the most effective in shifting my energy and mood.