Stillness for the soul

Sickness is the biggest wake up call


I started to have signs of overdoing it and running myself down a week ago. Instead of tuning in to my body and listening to what it needed at that time, I ignored the signs and continued to push myself to the max. I was blaming it on 'it just that time of year, coming up to Christmas. I will take it easy and look after my body in the new year'

It's as if my body was like nope, I need you to listen to me now. So it manifested sickness to get my attention. This week I have broken out into hives and come down with an awful cold which has resulted in me losing my voice.


It's as if my body had to make me bedridden and smack me in the face to get the message across.

'You need to rest'


It's funny how even while I was resting this weekend as I physically couldn’t do anything, I felt guilty. 'I should be studying, filming content or reading that book' It made me realise how difficult it is for me to stop and do nothing.


Let's go back to the original issue. Upon reflection, I can see that my body had to literally take away my voice to make me understand that I need to use it. I am a peacekeeper. I am a people pleaser. I am a lightworker. This can be absolutely amazing but I have realised I have been using these roles at my own expense. I know that I suppress my voice in situations to make others happy. I know that I don’t voice my concerns or tell people when they have hurt me as I should. Even though this is something I am consciously working on, I haven't mastered it yet.