Stillness for the soul

Feeling & processing heavy emotions

Pain can be one of the hardest experiences as it can feel like there is no escape from it or that it’s never going to get better. This is what often leads to people suppressing undesirable emotions. When we suppress our emotions instead of dealing with them when they happen, it can lead to us carrying that heavy emotion longer than we need to. It can also lead to a range of other issues such as; the emotion showing up in other parts of our life (often through anger and frustration), manifesting as illness or dis-ease in the body, creating emotional and energetic blocks in yourself and also in relationships you have, it can make you disconnected from source, it can also create shadow aspects of ourselves and it can change your outlook and attitude towards life (eg; bitterness and being grumpy). As hard as it can be it is so important to give yourself the space and time to completely feel and process the painful and heavy emotions.

Even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time, rock bottom can be one of the most beautiful places to be as you can only go up from here. Rock bottom allows you shed everything that hasn’t been serving you and to build yourself back up from scratch. Rock bottom allows for a beautiful death and rebirth. It gives you that down time and allows you to cocoon and blossom into a butterfly. It is a human condition to experience pain, no one can completely escape it. It is so important how we process and move forward from pain. We can either become the victim and become a low vibrational version of ourselves or we can call in our strength and power and see this rock bottom or pain as a learning opportunity.

I believe that it is so important to approach pain from a centred and conscious point of view. Whenever I experience pain I give myself the space and time to really sit with and process the emotion. I allow myself to be vulnerable. I give myself the space to cry and scream. To get angry and to have an adult tantrum. I allow myself the opportunity to be completely consumed with the emotion during my ceremony and to express it in any way I feel it needs to be expressed. Due to years of conditioning we, especially women have been told to suppress that wild side of us. To suppress our anger and rage as it’s undesirable and not ‘lady like’. Part of the feminine is allowing the wild woman within to shine through. We are often told (directly and indirectly) to spiritually bypass our feelings and to head straight into our summer phase again. It’s so important to spend some time in our winter phase to really go through and feel our emotions instead of going around it and avoiding those less desirable feelings and emotions.

Recently, I have been doing a lot of inner child and shadow work. Through this I have created a beautiful relationship with those heavier emotions. Don’t get me wrong it is still so uncomfortable and my ego tries to avoid it at all cost but I consciously create ceremonies for myself to really tap into these heavier emotions and to allow myself to honor my emotions. I’ve also spent a lot of time creating an awareness around my perception and I've come to the realisation that we all act and have experiences through our lens of perception. Meaning we only see the world through our view, we sometimes miss the bigger picture. I’ve also learnt to see this pain as an experience for learning. During these moments I ask myself “what is this mirroring back or teaching me?”

Ways you can support yourself through heavier emotions.

  • Create a beautiful ritual and ceremony around it. Give yourself a sacred and safe space to fully lean into how you are feeling. Get creative with it and see it as a beautiful opportunity to go within and to experience growth.

  • Fully feel your emotions on both a cognitive and somatic level. Cognitive level means processing your emotions at a