Emotional Freedom Technique


“A therapeutic tool which has the capacity to transform lives”

  • Do you have limiting beliefs or habits that are holding you back?

  • Are you ready to make huge shifts in your mindset & outlook on life?

  • Do you feel stuck & stagnant like things are not changing?

  • Are you ready to release old trauma or let go of your anxiety?

  • Are you tired of constantly pushing & do you want to manifest with ease?

  • Do you feel ready to release your old money beliefs & be a magnet for abundance? 

What is EFT tapping?

  • It is a stress reduction technique which draws upon mindfulness, exposure, cognitive processing & physical stimulation

  • It's a beautiful technique as it's not necessary to share a story, it is more focused on the emotion you are holding

  • It is a branch of energy psychology which combines eastern energy meridian knowledge & western psychology 

  • EFT involves focusing on an issue while tapping on specific meridian (acupuncture) points

  • EFT is simple, gentle & incredibly effective

  • The best thing about this technique is you can learn it with me in session & take it away to use in your own practice/use

  • EFT isn’t about changing a belief or trying to reframe an experience into a positive, we focus on the painful stuff & honour feelings, thoughts & sensations & then with the process of tapping, a new way of processing naturally happens


The science behind EFT

The amygdala and hippocampus are parts of our brain’s limbic system, which has an important role in our emotional response and behaviours. All of your memories, including traumatic ones, are stored in the hippocampus, so when we think of a traumatic memory, the amygdala kicks in with a stress response. Your amygdala processes a threat which sends a message to your hippocampus to take action to produce cortisol to manage or escape the threat.


When you have an on-going high level of cortisol, it can be negative on your system and has been proved to have links to:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Brain fog, decreased concentration and memory

  • Weight gain

  • Irritability

  • Menstrual irregularities

  • Insomnia

  • Loss of labido

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Autoimmune conditions


When we apply EFT to a traumatic memory, your amygdala begins to relax its stress response instead of repeating its trigger response; which allows for the memory to be thought about without the old fear response. Cortisol is essential to health and wellbeing, and in a healthy amount does reduce inflammation, assists us to manage stress, regulate blood pressure, metabolism and so much more; however, too much cortisol can be detrimental to our health. EFT assists with reducing the level of the stress hormone.

How can EFT support me?

EFT is simple, gentle and a very effective technique which can support you with both your physical health and overall  wellbeing, as they are directly linked to your emotions. There are various studies which show that EFT is effective within the following areas:

  • Reducing stress (cortisol hormone)

  • Supporting your cognitive processing and physical stimulation

  • Support when you’re feeling an uncomfortable emotion, thought, or belief

  • Help recode your mindset 

  • Any physical condition that is caused or increased by stress

  • When experiencing stress, i.e. butterflies, headaches, tension or when you’re anxious, this has a direct impact on your lymphatic system which is linked to your immune system. So combating that emotion can dramatically improve your health

  • You can try EFT for literally everything!

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