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Body positivity


I was first drawn to DK because of the beautiful way they market their products & their body positivity messages. I loveee that they use real women with realistic bodies in their advertisement. When I looked further into their beautiful activewear I realised that they have a huge range of apparel for all types of women. Dk create activewear for everybody & every BODY, with their sizing ranging from 6-24. I love that Dk focus their business around inclusivity and diversity.

Dk are very aware of the millions of tonnes of waste that is produced by the fashion industry each year. To lower their waste production they release one refined collection per season and they also find ways to use their fabric of cuts. Some ways they use their off cuts are:

  • Using them to test machines

  • Create sample garments 

  • Fill boxing bags at local gyms

  • Create hand therapy straps for local physiotherapists

  • Donated to TAFEs/universities for fashion students 

Dk. Active  has become my absolute favourite activewear brand for so many reasons !

"We believe it’s important to be kind to your body and that exercise should be a form of self love" - Dk.active


Dk. Active is a gorgeous ethical Aussie activewear brand. For me Dk active is more than just an amazing activewear brand, they inspire me so much with their message toward women & also how conscious they are toward Mama Earth. 


 All of Dk's garments are manufactured under
the one roof, located in Brisbane. DK was created in 2017 by Danielle Kay, as she had the desire to bring an ethical and inclusive energy to the activewear industry. 



Environmentally responsible 

Another reason I absolutely adore DK is how much effort they go to within their business to stay environmentally responsible. You may have heard the term ‘clothing kilometres’, which refers to the kilometres clocked up by transporting fabrics, textiles, garments et cetera. At dk active it’s virtually nil as all of their activewear is cut in house. From design, manufacturing, warehousing to distribution, each step of the dk garment lifecycle is conducted in the one place! Their HQ where they house all of their staff is completely powered by solar and they are so environmentally conscious that you can can monitor the usage on their website!


Their fabric:

Dk uses sustainable fabrics which reduces carbon emissions by about 30%.

DK activewear is made from a carefully selected group of sustainable textiles. Their fabrics have an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification, meaning they pass the internationally recognised standard deeming them to be free of any toxic chemicals.

It checks for carcinogens, azo dyes and other chemical limits in accordance with the European REACH standards. And it’s not just their  fabrics - where possible they also utilise OEKO-TEX certified threads, buttons and other accessories.

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Dk active is such a divine brand & I am so grateful to be an affiliate for them!  As well as being environmentally conscious & promoting inclusivity and diversity through their body positivity, their activewear is such high quality! Dk garments are made from high quality fabrics that are carefully sourced from ethical and environmentally responsible suppliers.They are durable and will last the distance. If you are looking to purchase some new activewear I cannot recommend Dk active enough! Not only is there activewear amazing for the physical activities, it is absolutely gorgeous to incorporate into your everyday wardrobe!

Their packaging 

DK active are aware that online shopping has (on average) a 60% lower carbon impact than shopping in-store.


Nearly 85% of the impact of physical stores comes from the travel time of their customers. 

They offer carbon neutral shipping options through Australia Post, who purchase carbon credits to offset the environmental impact of deliveries.

Dk also have plastic-free packaging. They use non-toxic and biodegradable satchels that are made from plants. After you receive your order pop the packaging into your compost bin at home with your veggie scraps and send them back to earth.

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All photos & information was adapted from Dk Active website. For more information please head to https://www.dkactive.com/ 

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