Welcome to my website! Thank you for taking the time to explore A Touch of Clarity!

My name is Shelby Sharland

I am a woman on a mission to make you a better friend to yourself! I am often asked to put a label on my work, which I find very difficult to do, so I would love to just give you a short run down of what I do & what I am currently creating!

I have a bachelor of behavioural science degree from Flinders University and I am currently studying a diploma in counselling. I believe that overall wellness should consider your mind, body & soul health. I believe we have a beautiful awareness around mental health in society at the moment but in my opinion that's only half of the work. Talk therapy is such a beneficial practice for connecting in with your conscious mind, however I believe we need to connect in with our unconscious mind & emotional body as well. They are stored in our body, as the body doesn't lie! That's why a lot of my work is based around traditional therapy techniques, as well as modern healing & energetic work as well. I think by combining a range of skills from both domains we are combatting the ego & connecting in with the soul.

I also have a huge interest and range of skills in the Law of Attraction practice, feminine and masculine energy, lunar phases, meditation, breath work, goddess archetypes, modern mystic work, intuition & psychic practices. Just to name a few!!

​I have always been so fascinated by how the mind works and what makes us humans tick! I am so excited to bring together my academic knowledge and practices, in conjunction with my spiritual practices and beliefs, to create a beautiful polarity & a range of healing techniques.

I am sooo passionate about helping people! I am constantly studying & developing my skills to help you to unleash the tools that you already possess to create and enjoy the abundant life that you have always wanted! My goal is to begin to offer 1:1 sessions very soon, with the end goal of opening A Touch of Clarity wellness centre here in Adelaide. The centre will home 1:1 sessions, workshops, masterclasses, retreats, soul circles & so much more!

To understand more about me and my practices, please head to my instagram @atouchofclarity, Facebook A Touch of Clarity or feel free to email me - atouchofclarity11@gmail.com

I can't wait to hear from you! 

Lots of love from Shelbs xxx



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