This monthly membership is for the soul that is ready to commit to their healing! Each month you will get access to breathwork, meditation and sound healing sessions + a reflection/connection task. Each call will be live via zoom 11am (ADL time) & you will get access to the recording via the course portal. This means you can access this potent healing from the comfort of your home!



“When we work with our breath, we are working with the subconscious nervous system to break through last patterns, elevate our health & exit the matrix of suffering” - Ava Johanna



This beautiful membership is something I have wanted to create for so long! This type of membership is something I have been craving for my own healing. Breathwork & meditation has been so transformative for my own healing. Breathwork allows you to tap into your subconscious & the parts of you that need healing on a deeper level. Breathwork allows you to combat the ego & dive deep into the needs of the soul. Meditation has soo many known benefits for your emotional, mental & spiritual health & can be so powerful for spiritual awakening! I am so passionate about sound healing as everything is vibration. My instruments are matched to the frequency of our chakras so when we are in a meditative state and allow the waves of frequency to surround us, magic happens! I also think it is so important to check in with ourselves & to notice how we are feeling on a conscious & cognitive level, especially after experiencing such a deep level of healing. In this fast paced society we are currently living in, it can be so hard to priorities our health & wellbeing. I often have clients that use time & money as an excuse to not do the inner work. I wanted to create a membership that allows you one hour a week to dive deep into your healing & for the cost to be less than $2.40 a day! You are worth giving yourself that precious time & for investing in yourself. 


- First Monday of each month = Live Breathwork class via zoom

- Second Monday of each month = Live Sound healing class via zoom

- Third Monday of each month = Live Meditation class via zoom

- Forth Monday of each month = Connection/reflection class that will be uploaded to the portal 

** 1st, 2nd, 3rd session of each month will be live via zoom unless otherwise announced via email & facebook group**



Having a beautiful support team whilst experiencing deep healing & transformations is so important! That's why I created the MFNM facebook community group as an extra! I would love for you to form soul connections with the other members of the course. This facebook group can be your safe haven to experience breakdowns and breakthroughs with people who care & support you. The facebook group is where you can post everything & anything. I would love for you to experience deep transformative healing throughout the membership whilst meeting beautiful & likeminded souls.


The beauty with this membership is that it costs less than a cup of coffee each day & you have the flexibility to cancel your membership at anytime! For more information email us at atouchofclarity11@gmail.com.

If this sounds in alignment with you, sign up to the membership now & begin your healing journey!




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