A Touch of Clarity Wellness centre
& spirituality store 

Suite 14, 49-57 Mount Barker road, Stirling 5152

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"Much more than just a healing room"


"We want your whole experience from start to finish to be a loving & nurturing one"

From my own experience of healing I found that you have such an intimate & often daunting experience & then as soon as your 1 hour session is up you are ushered out, left to process on your own! I didn't want you to have that experience at A Touch of Clarity & that's why we have created a beautiful experience of aftercare!

Meet our beautiful team member Debs

Debs will be the warm face welcoming you into the centre & she will be there for you after your 1:1 session with Shelby has ended. We wanted to ensure you feel supported throughout your whole healing experience. Sometimes all you need is a warm cup of tea & the nurturing energy of a Mum to make you feel better!

Our Spirituality store


"Continue your healing & spiritual journey from home"

I never wanted our waiting area in the centre to be clinical looking & scary so that's why we decided to turn it into a store with beautiful crystals, essential oils, tarot/oracle cards, jewellery, wellness packs + so much more! 

I also feel that the 1:1 healing session helps to bring your chakras & energy centres back to an open & flowing status, but it's so important to continue the work of keeping them unblocked at home. Our crystals, wellness packs & other tools can help you to do that!

Feel free to pop in for a shop & chat! Our store is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday!

We also have online access to our store too!

Healing room 


"Where the magic happens"

Our beautiful healing room is set with the highest intention & vibration to ensure that you are completely safe to let your walls down & receive fully! Often within our healing session spirits, guides, angels & other celestial beings will visit Shelby to deliver guidance or a message for the client. 

"I've had clients say they feel like they received a healing just from stepping into the centre!"

Within the centre we offer 1:1 healing sessions, spiritual guidance session (eg; manifestation, inner child, shadow, feminine/masculine balancing etc), chakra healing, crystal healing, universal healings, sound healing, breathwork sessions, guided meditations, group classes, soul circles + so much more! For a full list of our offered services:

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