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Shelby Sharland 

I speak one language. I speak people!
On a cognitive, somatic and intuitive level


Gone are the days of one solution fits all! I understand that each of us are different and therefore we need a range of healing modalities! 

I am a healer who uses my knowledge from my Bachelor of Behavioural science degree, my extensive studies into energetics, our subconscious & how our body holds our trauma. Therefore, providing healing from both science and holistic practices. 

Universal healing, Sound healing, Breathwork, Meditation, Shadow work, Inner child, Manifestation, Channeling spirit, Somatic release + so much more!

Gemini sun, Leo moon & Aquarius rising 


"Work with me to heal your past trauma, unblock your chakras, connect with guides and become the most awakened & abundant version of yourself" 

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A Touch of Clarity Podcast

Conversation for the soul!

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- 1:1 Healing sessions

- Couples healing session

- 1:1 Spiritual mentoring

- Chakra balancing

- Sound healing 

- Universal healing

- Breathwork

- Meditation

- Inner child session

- Shadow session 

- Soul circle 

- Weekly classes

- Monthly membership


I met Shelby at a time in my life when I was looking for clarity and answers. At first I didn't understand why I am so drawn to her, but I felt a cord of energy pulling me. They say that when the student is ready, the master will appear. She has been so amazing throughout all the unpacking, all the processing and all the growing pains  having someone along this journey who you trust and who genuinely wants to help you is priceless. Suddenly you feel your wings spreading and gilding through the confidence breeze that comes with truly understanding and processing your emotions. Then you realize this is what you've been missing all along while growing up.


I recently had a 1.5 mixed modalities healing session with Shelby. I picked this as something to do to honour my recently miscarried baby. It was an incredibly profound experience and Shelby seamlessly welcomed me, calmed my nerves and set boundaries and expectations during the intake at the beginning of the session. The table was so comfortable and I could have sworn I did fall asleep for a hot second! One particular song brought out many silent tears but in a way it was such a calm release of a tonne of emotion. Winding down and ending the session I felt incredibly safe, relaxed, grateful and definitely got A Touch of Clarity. I will definitely be back soon! Highly recommend.


I felt so goooood after my 1:1 session! I didn't realise how much my body needed such a deep healing session. The floating experience I had was the absolute best feeling! Already my mind feels clearer and my chakras/energy feel so much more aligned! Thank you